Greetings FCC Family!

We’re excited to share an update about our financial health. Many thanks to Kim Dorr, church bookkeeper, for collaborating with me to bring this to you. We hope this is helpful as we continue to feel excitement about our mission and future.

1. Our income is where we hoped it would be at this time of the year, just over 50% of the budgeted amount. THANK YOU FOR GIVING GENEROUSLY!

2. Historically we find that with the busyness of summer, we may forget to send in our monthly gifts. Sadly the church expenses do not magically go down during the summer, so we rely on your help to continue. THANK YOU!

3. Our ministry expenses are also where we hoped they would be at this time of year. THANK YOU to our FCC Staff for managing our ministry well.

4. HOW CAN I GIVE? By snail mail or online. If you are joining worship in person, why not open your pocketbook and put something extra in the offering plate? It will feel SO GOOD!

5. The Endowment Fund currently contributes twice a year to the Church. There will be part of this given in June and the other part later in the year to help fill in the gaps.

This is OUR church! So let’s all contribute to our financial health and an amazing ongoing community of love and care that serves each of us and our local community.

Blessings and joy to you all.

Susie Leo, Treasurer