I am pleased to announce the members selected for the Search Committee for our next Settled Pastor. This group of committed, active members will make a strong, spirit-filled team. The 9 members are Marsha Miller, Chris Cunningham, Averyn Payne, Cathy Paine, Evert Slijper, Peter Cadigan, Gretchen Jewett, Barb Aalund (vice-chair), and Tracy Lampman (chair).

The Church Board went through a robust, transparent and inclusive process to select this search committee. 

  • The Board acted on the recommendation of the Transition Team to begin the process of selecting the Search Committee in October. The Board adopted recommendations on scope, sequence, and details of the search process.
  • Dan Close, Board Moderator, put the process in motion in the October 22nd service, presenting the plan to the church from the pulpit and inviting nominations by the congregation.  The process and call for nominations was sent by email to all members and in daily emails.
  • The Board appointed Tracy Lampman as the Chair and Barb Aalund as the vice-chair of the committee.  The Board reviewed the nominations of 30 members for a total of 7 additional spaces.  A vetting team of Board members, Tracy, and Barb was formed to interview and recommend the other members of the search committee.
  • The vetting team created an interview process and completed interviews with all nominees. Based on these interviews, the vetting team made final recommendations to the Board for the 7 remaining positions
  • The Board, in a special board meeting with the vetting team, approved the Search Committee members as listed above. 
  • A Service of Installation will be held on Sunday, January 14th at our regular worship. The Search Committee’s work will begin on that date and is expected to continue for the majority of 2024. 
  • Forums and educational opportunities will give all members the opportunity to learn more about the Search process and give input on the Church Profile and Job Description. 

The committee represents the diversity of gender, age, and ethnicity of the congregation, and has both new and longer-term members of FCC. It is a strong and diverse team – not just a collection of strong individuals. With 30 nominees, we had an abundance of talent and skill sets and chose a team that has all of the skills and experience necessary to lead a successful search.  A summary of the qualities, skills and attributes that guided selection of the committee was sent with the invitation to make nominations, and is available on request.

Thank you to those of you who made nominations, and a special thank you to the well-qualified nominees who were not able to be selected for this service. You will be tapped to lead in other ways. The level of interest in serving is a good sign of engagement in the search process.  

An Ad Hoc committee of ordained ministers in our church has been formed to support the Search Committee.  The Transition Team continues to gather information and input from the congregation on what God is calling us to be and do, and the important roles and qualities for our next settled pastor.   

To have a successful search, we will need your engagement, support and prayers.  We will walk together confidently into the next chapter for our congregation and find a settled pastor to continue the journey with us.

If you have questions, or comments, please feel free to reach out directly to me.

My best,

Tracy Lampman, Search Committee Chair