Were you a participant in the Companions in Christ series held several years ago? Did you hear about it from friends and wish you had signed up? We have a new opportunity for spiritual formation from the same people who created Companions in Christ. The Way of Forgiveness is an 8-week small group study which examines issues such as shame, guilt, and anger and ways to release these emotions so you can move toward wholeness. Receiving God’s forgiveness, forgiving others and yourself, and seeking reconciliation are also considered with this series.

You do NOT have to have been a part of the former Companions in Christ group to participate in this series. Steve Carmichael and Pastor Nancy Allison will lead this small group experience. We will begin the group as soon as the books arrive; please sign up now since we will probably cap the group at 10-12 participants. RSVP to Dana at church office (541-345-8741 or danac@fcceugene.org).

If there is a broken place in your life that you have struggled with for years, or a hardness that keeps you always on guard, this would be a safe place to explore what forgiveness might mean for you.