Last month we asked you what you thought about the balance of our church’s efforts: meeting immediate needs or working on prevention? Your responses show that you like the balance of efforts. An analysis of the financial donations to the community shows that last year the Social Justice and Witness Committee donated almost equally to prevention programs like Center for Community Counseling and Looking Glass AND to programs meeting immediate needs like Burrito Brigade (our sandwich group), and the Interfaith Food Hub.

This spring we are looking at ways we can support at-risk children and youth. We are exploring the idea of providing scholarships for school-age children to attend a local summer camp and offering our church building for use by groups serving these young people. This is an exciting opportunity to do our part to reduce the impact of income inequality for some children. Stay tuned for an update next month when decisions will be made.

If you are interested in joining any of our social justice and witness focused efforts, please contact Val Close. You will be welcome!