Photo of altar during Lent

A New Adult Education Series, facilitated by Don Gall

Sundays in April at 9 a.m. in the Wheeler Room

There has been a realignment of religion and politics in America that is equating God with country, the cross with the flag, and faithfulness with spiritual warfare in ways that threaten the future of American democracy and the faithful witness of American Christianity.  It is a heresy called white Christian nationalism which is rooted in fear, politics and power rather than in love, justice and equality.

This class will explore the makeup and meaning of white Christian nationalism and what attracts tens of millions of people to its cause.  We will examine its impact in other countries where authoritarian reactionary Christianity has contributed to the overthrow of democracies in favor of more autocratic forms of government, and we will assess its current and long-term threat to the U. S. where it is now firmly entrenched within one of our major political parties. We will learn how White Christian Nationalism undermines Jesus’ call to “live in the household of God” and how it contradicts the principles and practices of congregationalism and progressive Christianity.  And finally, we will review our own individual and congregational responsibilities for protecting, preserving and promoting a faith that embraces all of God’s children in a free, pluralistic and democratic society.  Come and join this critically important and timely discussion. Background papers will be available each week through the Daily All Church emails for advance reading prior to class.  The weekly topics will be: 

April 7 – Introduction to White Christian Nationalism (Background Paper and Opinion Piece from Progressing Spirit)

April 14 –  Authoritarian Reactionary Christian Politics

April 21 – Who are these White Christian Nationalists?

April 28 – Mounting a Progressive Christian Response