It is with overwhelming gratitude that we write this article.

Our congregation has gifted the Tasajera Global Mission abundantly; the World Communion offering from our October 3, 2021 worship experience will adequately fund the next school year for 18 Scholarship students.

Thank you.

With excitement we spoke with CIS Executive Director Leslie Schuld, who states, “your support is ‘transformational’; it is reshaping the community.”

It is your generosity of spirit that has made this transformation possible. As a congregation we have listened with our hearts, we have listened openly to the community on the island, and responded with trust and humility. Looking back on the last eight years there are transformations that are becoming visible realities. Ideas that were mere dreams are happening.

  • Basic health services have improved as our scholarship nursing students interact with the island’s public health nurse and advocate for advanced supports. There are current plans for the government to build a full time, adequately staffed clinic on the island.
  • Literacy continues to increase as scholarship students promote improved education, tutoring and provide training programs.
  • Families and the community benefit from improved internet services which has been very beneficial during the pandemic. As the community adjusts to improved supports they are successfully advocating for environmental change, land ownership and cooperatives.
  • Issues such as gender equity, the role of women, family violence, alcohol use and anti-gang responses are being addressed within the larger community as students venture out into advanced education classrooms.

Thank you for your heartfelt listening and your trust that your contributions are used carefully.

Global Mission Committee