What is the FCC Endowment?  

In very simple terms, like each of us, our church has a checking account (annual operating budget) and a savings account (the Endowment). The Endowment is a savings account with restrictions, as it has been created for a specific purpose: to give long-term support to our church in its mission to be a place of preaching, teaching and outreach.

The roots of the Endowment go back to 1976. Documents founding the Endowment evidence that it is a fund designed to grow with the years, using only income generated from long-term investments to support current needs. The Endowment’s assets as of 12-31-23 total a little over 1.25 million dollars. It has two distinct divisions, one funding scholarships and the other supporting general activities and programs of the church. Income has gone to both purposes for many years.

Saints before us have given generously so that we have a meaningful Endowment, and it is now up to us to continue growing this fund as a commitment to the future.

John Soper, Committee Chair for the Endowment Committee