“When we lose someone we have loved deeply, we are left with a grief that can paralyze us emotionally…When they die a part of us dies too.”

– Henri Nouwen

Because we love, grief is a normal, natural, and necessary part of our lives.  No one wants to grieve and yet, when we love others, it is inevitable.  Grieving is something we all have in common in a culture that wants us to “get over it” as soon as possible. However, grieving needs time and must be purposefully done if new life is to be lived and experienced.  Sharing our loss with others who are also grieving is a powerful way to be supported and to heal.  Giving yourself permission to grieve is one of the greatest gifts you can offer the hurt place within.

A new Grief Group begins each Fall. Whether your sorrow is long held or recent, you are welcome. If you would like to learn more, please call Suzanne Congdon, Spiritual Director at (541) 343-0817.

“Grief group was important work for me. It was not easy, but it was very important. It gave me a space and time to be with my grief – in the midst of our hectic lives, that in and of itself can be a real challenge.  The others in the group were able to meet me where I was spiritually, because they were in very similar places themselves. We were able to join our hearts together and support one another on our grief journeys. Our Spiritual Director, Suzanne Congdon, gracefully and gently led us to new understandings and resources that eventually helped me to return to the “hearth” of my soul, where the one whose loss I was grieving, had been all along. To those considering joining a grief group or doing grief recovery work – I recommend that you take a leap of faith and go for it. Then, when you feel lousy and tired and you just want to quit – stay with it. The blessing of spiritual wholeness awaits you at the end of the journey.”

-Mark Lindberg