Our Little Food Pantry has a new home by the east entrance to our church nearest the office. It has a colorful, cheery design that makes the pantry look inviting and fresh. We wondered if folks would find the pantry after the move, but within days, it was once again in heavy use. Thanks to Burrito Brigade for the new pantry and for installation. Your donations of easily eaten foods are appreciated on these cold winter days. You can place items directly into the Pantry or put them in the barrel in the church lobby.

If you have any questions, please contact Val Close or Vic Mann.

The Food Pantry is a small, freestanding shelter where food is donated by those who are able and food is taken each week by many people in need. FCC volunteers have generously stepped up to help keep the pantry cleaned up and in good order. 

Members of the congregation, friends and neighbors are invited to help keep the pantry stocked. Food donations should be easy to heat or can sit in the pantry for days without spoiling. Examples of helpful donations include canned foods like soups and beans, peanut butter, easily cooked pasta or ramen, fresh apples or other produce, and even hygiene products. Stop by the pantry, open the door, and place your items inside.