Food Pantries, large cupboards filled with free useable food, have been springing up around Eugene-Springfield thanks to the design and build skills of Burrito Brigade. FCC began hosting a pantry in May 2021 (located on Harris Street near the south entrance to the parking lot). 

The Food Pantry is a small, freestanding shelter where food can be donated and food can be taken. Food donations should be easy to heat and that can also sit in the pantry for days without spoiling.

FCC volunteers have generously stepped up to help keep the pantry cleaned up and in good order. If 8 people volunteer to check once a month, this will be sustainable and fairly straightforward. We are asking for a three month commitment, checking on the Pantry once per month.  Please indicate in the sign up when you can stop by and do a quick monitoring of the Pantry (cleaning up in and around the pantry).

Click to help keep the Food Pantry area clean

The Social Justice and Witness Committee hopes that the entire church, neighborhood, and preschool community adopt this pantry as one they will support with small regular donations of food. And thanks to the FCC volunteers who have stepped up to monitor the Pantry – we couldn’t do it without you.