Recommendations for the Church Board are now closed

Welcome to the new Nominating Committee members: Andrea Harwood, Lee Kersh, Nancy Menning, Robin Detmer, and Jenny Allen, Chair. Please thank these people for their willingness to serve the church. We are getting ready for this exciting process of selecting candidates for open church board positions.

The Nominating Committee’s goal is to provide a diverse Board that reflects our congregation, which includes age, length of membership, gender identity, family composition, ethnicity, sexual orientation, areas of involvement in church life, etc.

Now it’s up to the congregation to assist this goal by recommending either yourself or others as potential candidates for the Church Board. Participation is key in a Congregational Church.

Each recommendation must include 3 things: a name, rationale for recommending the person, and the ideal position on the board.

When suggesting people it is important to include the rationale of why you are making this recommendation.  We want a short sentence of why their name jumped out to you. Maybe it’s the skill sets this person would bring to the board (i.e.- knowledge of finances, organization, education, outreach, music, building care, etc.)

We have 5 board positions to fill this year, as the board is expanding a bit. You must select a position for which your candidate is best suited (i.e.- Board member, Moderator, or Moderator-Elect). A brief job description for open Board positions is below the recommendation form.

Open positions on the Church Board with brief descriptions for terms beginning June 2024:

Board Members (need 3)

  • Serves a 3-year term.
  • Active member in all Board activities, including attendance in monthly Board meetings
  • May serve as member of a Standing Committee, working group, or special project activities
  • Participates in strategic planning, visioning, and policy development of the Board


  • Serves a 1-year term.
  • Serves as Member of Executive Leadership Team (ELT), and in the year following term as Moderator
  • Sets Agenda for Monthly Board Meetings in conjunction with members of the ELT
  • Convenes Board Meetings
  • Serves as member of the Endowment Committee
  • Supervises the Lead Pastor
  • Signs financial documents, as needed
  • Engages in problem solving with congregants, as needed


  • Serves a 1-year term as Moderator-Elect, automatically becomes Moderator the following year.
  • Has a three year commitment to Board and the ELT: first year as Moderator-Elect member of ELT, second year as Moderator and member of ELT, third year as Ex-Moderator member of the ELT
  • Member of the Finance Committee
  • Supports the Moderator role when Moderator is unavailable

Other Considerations

  • All Church Board officers shall be Members of FCCEugene.
  • The Board seeks diversity and transparency in all activities and deliberations
  • Board members must respect the need to keep confidential information private
  • The Board seeks diversity in age, family composition, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, length of membership in FCC
  • Board members need to be an active member of the church through participation in committees, work groups, or other activities of the church